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 Discover our handmade selection of  Unique Nesting  Dolls, babushka dolls, matryoshka and nesting toys. NavilaNaturalShop  hand paint them in many different stiles, which make them unique and special for you and your family, children's and any occasion gifts.  


        Nesting dolls are the best known and most popular of all Russian souvenirs. The Russian word for these wooden dolls is matryoshka,  but they are also called babushka dolls and stacking dolls. Whatever you want to call them, nesting dolls have a fascinating history, and they are the classic Russian gift. The most traditional nesting doll design is one that looks like a young Russian woman dressed in Russian native costume with a scarf on her head. In the traditional nesting doll sets all of the dolls look almost identical to one another, and the number of dolls in the set ranges from 5 to 30, but some custom made matryoshka contain many more.


         Nesting Dolls as a  Gift


  •       Russian nesting dolls make wonderful gifts and are traditionally given on many  kinds of special occasions. 

  •         For example, they make:

  •        -Beautiful wedding decorations

  •        -Housewarming gifts

  •        -Children's toys

  •        -Mother's Day and new baby gifts

  •        -Collectibles

          How are Nesting Dolls Made? 



        Here You can find many different dolls which we Paint with our family

        It's our tradition and will be a Great gifts for the whole family.














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